Taking The Piss

This Image Reminded Me To Be Pissed Off

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by Sam -

Not Big Eck, but the promo card he's holding. It should piss you off too.

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Very well-written and informed piece! Initially, I thought it would be one of those "everything is bad" pieces but Sam clearly knows his stuff and the market. Going OTT with your own streaming service would definitely make a lot of sense and could be a really lucrative business. You could even have a mixed model like the NBA where hardcore fans in the US can subscribe for a substantial price tag - though that's relative given the complexity of the TV market over there - while casual fans can still watch whatever their local network or national broadcasters show. I think the equivalent would be to have the complete package available on your own platform and then some games on one or two other platforms or channels (I think ad-supported media would make most sense). Another approach - that I think leagues should definitely negotiate with broadcasters - is that they can offer a bundle subscription that gives fans access to all the games on all the platforms, plus a discount if they sign up for one of the broadcasters. This would make it more convenient for fans, potentially be an attractive revenue stream for leagues, and the sports rights would still be a valid customer acquisition strategy for the platforms (which on subscription-based services is the primary function of the sports rights).

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Yay! You have seen it all